Old Norwich Photographs – Norfolk

I was looking through my photograph files on my computer this evening and thought I would share a few old pictures of Norwich.

I have lots of old photographs but these show interesting views and people working in everyday jobs. Fascinating to see inside factories and shops! I will be putting together a full article, with more pictures, in the next few months.

Norfolk, Norwich, Vacations,

Upper Goat Lane Warehouses


Norfolk, Norwich, Tours, Vacation,

Curls in Rampant Horse Street, decorated for the 1897 Jubilee

Norfolk, Norwich, Tours, Vacations,

Large department stores weren’t just in London, Norwich had several.


Norwich, Norfolk, Tours,

Fires, with timber buildings, closely packed together were common in large towns and cities.

Norwich, Norfolk, Tours, Family History,

Dinner-Time for the workers.

Norwich, Norfolk, Family History,

Hard work & long hours.

Norfolk, Tours, Family History,

Transporting fruit & vegetables to market.

Norfolk, Norwich, Family History, Tours,

More factory workers. Norwich was a massive city with massive factories employing thousands of workers. Were your ancestors among them?



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